HGH Fountain of Youth

“Unveiling the Fountain of Youth: HGH – The Key to Unlocking Your Potential”

In the quest for eternal youth and optimal health, human growth hormone (HGH) has emerged as a fascinating subject. While most people are unaware of its existence and potential, HGH holds the key to a myriad of benefits, ranging from anti-aging effects to weight loss, hormonal balance, increased muscle mass, and improved brain function. In this blog, we will delve into the world of HGH, exploring its wonders and shedding light on its historical significance.

So, what is HGH? Human growth hormone, often abbreviated as HGH, is a natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland, a tiny pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain. As the name implies, HGH plays a vital role in growth during childhood and adolescence. However, it also exerts numerous other effects throughout our lives, influencing various bodily functions.

Let’s begin with the benefits of using HGH for Anti-Aging:

One of the most sought-after benefits of HGH is its potential to slow down the aging process. As we age, the production of HGH gradually declines, leading to several age-related changes. However, studies have shown that supplementing with HGH can help reverse some of these effects. HGH therapy has been linked to improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall vitality. Are you excited yet? If not you should be. In my opinion it’s the holy grail to longevity and if I only got one supplement to use for the rest of my life HGH would be my choice. Hands down. Zero hesitation. 

Weight Loss and HGH:

Struggling to shed those extra pounds? HGH might be the missing piece of the puzzle. Research suggests that HGH can stimulate lipolysis, the breakdown of stored fats, resulting in increased fat loss. Additionally, HGH helps preserve lean muscle mass, preventing the loss of muscle often associated with weight loss programs. This dual action makes HGH a valuable asset in the pursuit of a leaner physique. Body builders have been using HGH for repair and weight loss for decades. 

Balancing Hormones with HGH:

Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on our physical and emotional well-being. As someone who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I can attest to this first hand. HGH has been shown to interact with various hormonal pathways in the body, helping to restore balance. It can positively influence the production of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and other essential hormones. By restoring hormonal equilibrium, HGH can alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, and decreased libido.

Increasing Muscle Mass with HGH:

For fitness enthusiasts and athletes, HGH offers exciting possibilities for muscle growth. It stimulates protein synthesis and enhances the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a hormone that plays a crucial role in muscle development. Through these mechanisms, HGH can promote lean muscle gain, improve muscle strength, and accelerate post-workout recovery.

Improving Brain Function with HGH:

As we age, cognitive decline becomes a concern for many. HGH has been found to have a positive impact on brain function and mental acuity. Research suggests that HGH can enhance memory, focus, and concentration. It may also contribute to neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize and form new neural connections. These cognitive benefits make HGH a fascinating area of exploration for those seeking to optimize their brain health.

The Historical Journey of HGH:

The discovery of HGH and its potential benefits is a fascinating tale. HGH was first identified in the 1950s, and its extraction and purification became possible in the 1980s. Since then, HGH has been extensively studied and used medically to treat growth disorders in children. Over time, its applications have expanded to encompass the areas of anti-aging, weight loss, hormone balance, muscle growth, and cognitive enhancement.

Transdermal HGH and injectable HGH are two different methods of administering human growth hormone. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the two:

Administration Method:

  • Injectable HGH: As the name suggests, injectable HGH is administered through subcutaneous (under the skin) or intramuscular (into the muscle) injections. It involves the use of a syringe and a needle to deliver the HGH directly into the body.
  • Transdermal HGH: Transdermal HGH refers to the application of HGH through the skin. It typically involves using a gel, cream, or patch that contains HGH, which is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.


  • Injectable HGH: Injectable HGH requires the preparation and administration of injections. This method may require a higher level of technical skill and may be more time-consuming. It often necessitates refrigeration and proper storage of the HGH vials.
  • Transdermal HGH: Transdermal HGH is generally considered more convenient, as it involves applying the gel, cream, or patch to the skin. It eliminates the need for injections, making it more accessible for individuals who may have reservations or difficulties with injections.


Differences between injectable HGH and transdermal HGH can vary based on several factors, including the specific product, brand, dosage, duration of treatment, and where you obtain them. It’s important to note that the pricing information provided here is a general guideline, and actual costs may vary.

  • Injectable HGH: Injectable HGH is generally considered more expensive than transdermal HGH. The cost of injectable HGH can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the brand, dosage, and frequency of administration. Injectable HGH often requires a prescription and may involve additional costs such as syringes, needles, and medical supervision.
  • Transdermal HGH: Transdermal HGH products, such as gels, creams, or patches, tend to be relatively less expensive compared to injectable HGH. The cost of transdermal HGH can range from tens to a few hundred dollars per month, depending on the brand, concentration of HGH, and the duration of treatment. However, the efficacy of transdermal HGH may vary, and absorption rates can differ between individuals.


Experiencing the full effects of HGH can vary among individuals and depends on various factors, including the dosage, frequency of administration, individual response, and the specific goals of HGH usage. It’s important to note that HGH is not a magic bullet, and its effects may not be immediately noticeable. Patience and consistency are key when using HGH.

Generally, it may take several weeks to several months of consistent HGH use before individuals start noticing significant changes. Here is a rough guideline for different benefits associated with HGH usage:

  1. Anti-Aging Effects: Improvement in skin elasticity, reduction in wrinkles, and other anti-aging benefits may become noticeable after several weeks to a few months of regular HGH use.
  2. Weight Loss and Body Composition: The effects of HGH on weight loss and body composition can be gradual. It may take a few months to see significant changes in body fat reduction and lean muscle gain.
  3. Hormonal Balance: The effects of HGH on hormonal balance, such as increased testosterone or estrogen levels, may take some time to manifest. Changes in hormone levels and associated benefits may be observed over several weeks to a few months.
  4. Muscle Mass and Strength: Building muscle mass and increasing strength with HGH can take time. It may require several months of consistent HGH use combined with appropriate exercise and nutrition to notice substantial gains in muscle mass and strength.
  5. Cognitive Function: Improvements in cognitive function, such as memory, focus, and mental clarity, may take time to become noticeable. It may require several weeks to several months of HGH use to observe significant cognitive benefits.

In recent years, HGH has been seen as the fountain of youth to the stars and celebrities. It was for the elite and high rollers. You couldn’t get it without a prescription and you definitely couldn’t walk into you general practitioner and ask for it. It was available through medical spas and anti-aging clinics. Peptides hit the seen and became the nearest alternative but even then it wasn’t the real thing. Thanks to new companies micro-dosing transdermal HGH is now a reality at a highly affordable price point and without prescriptions. 

My Personal Testimony:

I first used injectable HGH in 2012 after my first c-section. I healed significantly quicker than than your average c-section momma and I was able to loose the baby weight in record time. However, due to the price point it was not in the cards for me to use long term. 

I used it again after my second c-section in 2014 and again the results were amazing. I slept better, I had the energy to keep up with my newborn and 2 year old and I was loosing the baby weight without killing myself. Unfortunately again the price point was unsustainable until it wasn’t….

This year, 2023, I was blessed to find a company that offered transdermal HGH. No more injections. No breaking the bank and even better it allowed me to introduce new people to the product and sell them on the wonderful benefits I was experiencing. Within days I noticed vivid dreams and an increased libido. Within weeks I noticed that a shoulder injury I have had for two years wasn’t nearly as painful and I could even sleep on that side. I haven’t made it to the months mark yet but I don’t need to. I know HGH will be a product I am forever in love with. 

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